woensdag 1 april 2009

That's it: I want a Mac

I wasn't much of a computer person (my boyfriend still thinks I know nothing about them, but that's another story) when I started as a first year design student at The Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I even asked Gijs Bakker, the founder of Droog and one of the teachers at DA, if it was really necessary for design (whahaha what was I thinking). The whole Mac/Apple thing was even beyond my understanding..

Now, ten years and several PC's and a laptop later, I finally see the light. Just this morning I went to buy a poweradapter for my laptop, because our beloved dog chewed the wire of the old one completely. The only machine (it IS a machine by size, trust me) that I could find was a Trust all purpose poweradapter. It is huge! And it make the exact same noise as a blowdryer!

At least in de Apple universe, everything is compatible and small and SILENT. Oh, and it looks nice aswell.

As soon as the payments of the two projects I am currently working on are in, I will buy a MacBook!

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