donderdag 26 februari 2009

Wool and the gang

I am researching for a consultancy project on wool, and through a friend I found this website/shop. Wool and the gang offers a series of DIY knitting projects, including all the materials you need. It looks very fresh and fashionable, and what I really like is that they produce their own "crazy sexy wool" in Peru in a few dashing colours.

woensdag 25 februari 2009

New products online soon!

Finally I have some time to update the website with some supercool new products that I will be selling in Belgium.

First (bottom pictures) tableware from WISE-departmentstore by Geke Lensink and Bas van Wayenburg from Amsterdam. With their designs they want to emphasize on craftmanship, short lines and honest production. The range contains espresso, coffee, tea cups and mugs, napkins, a bowl and olive wood salad servers.

Second the textile designs of Marlies Spaan of MeS Textiles, recycled blankets and designer fabrics combined in a colourful patchwork collection. I really love the way she uses colour and the combinations she makes.

Soon I will travel all over Belgium with these products, Brussels had a first glimpse and the store owners loved them! I'm working on the website now, and hope to finish this part today!

dinsdag 17 februari 2009

Tiny people

A while ago we cleaned the house of my boyfriend's grandmother, because she moved to a home for the elderly (she passed away a few weeks later). We brought a few items with us to our home, to prevent them from being thrown away. One of the things I could not leave behind were a small family of tiny people serving as cocktailparty-food-stick thingies. (Top photo)
I love that someone put so much effort in making and painting these, and they remember me of the little "good fortune" puppets you can buy at what we call "wereldwinkel" (a shop were you can buy gifts from around the world, produced with care and for a fair price, called Fair Trade).
This morning, while I was *enjoying* a cup of instant coffee (I really have to go to Brussels to buy the GOOD stuff again) and scrolling through one of my favourite blogs, I came upon the Etsy-shop The Small Object and found these! (bottom photo)
I want to have, have, have them!

donderdag 12 februari 2009


Here, in central Belgium, the spring starts to take over from winter. More and more sunny hours during the day, and shorter nights. I am busy with a lot of projects, including design for a website, consulting on e-commerce ideas and reselling Dutch Design.

Finally life starts to be a bit more normal and although I work from home, I have a certain flow in the workdays now.

Generally I feel a lot better than the first few months we've been here, and this is also reflected in my urge for more and more colour. I copied the picture from the website of VTwonen, a dutch interior and decorating magazine. The combination is so spot on Spring for me..

donderdag 5 februari 2009

scarf mania

With spring peeking around the corner, I really want to buy colourful things. Because I don't want to spend the all of the little money I earned while in Belgium, scarfs are the solution! I just bought the green one at H&M, and when the Bijenkorf magazine fell on the doormat this morning, it fell open on the scarf page! I think I will pay them a visit asap, that means I "have" to go to Amsterdam soon, yohoo!