donderdag 25 juni 2009

Rob Nypels - photography

A few weeks ago I was in Amsterdam for a business meeting, and my friend Ricky invited me to come to the exhibition of her father's photography on one of the canals.

Her father, Rob Nypels, works and lives in France. I have met him two or three times and he is a lovely man. What I love about this work (Only gaze a while longer) is that it somehow reflects images that you see in dreams, without it being too figurative, and that it could well be abstract art.

Allmost all of the photo's were printed on matte paper (ca 100 x 100 cm) with a simple, thin, black wooden frame around the edges. Just a few were printed on smaller glossy paper. I liked the larger, matte prints better because it suited the images better and it doesn't reflect the light as much.

If you are in Amsterdam, go see and buy the book! Or visit Rob Nypels' website

Untill 30/08/2009:
Huis Marseille
Museum voor Fotografie
Keizersgracht 401

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