donderdag 8 januari 2009

And let there be light!

This is the first edition of the "Lamp no. 1 ", a design I did for my new label ROOM0031. The idea is that I sell products by (young and/or starting) designers from The Netherlands to shops in Belgium. Because we moved to Belgium, I had to quit my job in Amsterdam. This gave me the opportunity to start over again and I am very, very lucky that I can do what I like. Because of this luck and the gratitude I have for that, I really want to make this work!
Because I love interior and designing interior objects, I will contribute a few things to the label too.
About the lamp: it comes in a variety of colors (probabely 4-8 different) and the shade, stand and wire are in one color. The wire is covered with a cotton sleave, the stand has a glossy finish and the shade is made of chintz. Custom design and/or colors or finishes are also possible!

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