dinsdag 27 januari 2009

Plate runner part 2

Let me start with saying: I've got them!

It turned out that the checkup took more than just the morning yesterday. So at 9 in the evening we could finally drive the 100 km's to pick up the papers and the 100 km's back home. This morning I took an early bus to the train station, and a train to the city centre. That went very smooth I must say.

After arriving at the licence registration office I took my number (again) and waited for two hours (again) to get the paperwork done (again). I was getting nervous because the people at the desk practice a very worried look when typing your stuff in the computer. But after some French mumbling from his side of the glass, I finally got it! But...it was only one plate. Almost in tears I asked where the other one was. The man gave me the strangest answer I could ever imagine:
Man: "Do you see that van outside?"
Me: "Err, yes..??"
Man: "Well, go to the man and ask him for a duplicate of your plate!"
Me: "Err...???"
Man: "That's how it works!"

So I walked to the van, gave the man my plate, paid him 10 euro's and he made me another one.

This really happened.

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